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Reach for Results! At Ivy Education, we instill competitive learning attitudes that generate observable results. Challenge yourself to reach higher for the best results.


Our Course Offerings


These courses fuse input and output. Students read and discuss interesting fiction/non-fiction content. Instruction is complete with challenging yet fun vocabulary and reading skills. After input, students use the new concepts in discussions together, entirely in English.


Learn to read fluently and pronounce words with an American accent through these courses. Teachers instruct with fun stories, not flashcards! If you want to speak with American pronunciation or improve your reading fluency, try one of these courses!



The rubber hits the road when it comes to writing and grammar. How do you perform when it is crunch time and you need to put pen to paper? If you want to improve your grammar or writing, consider taking one of these courses. Careful, the more you put in, the more you get out!

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Sign up now to reserve your place! Ivy Education courses only have 6 spots per class. If you see a course you would like to try, seize the moment! You can always refund all future classes anytime.


Why Ivy Education?

Travel Trouble-free

English is a global language! Whether it is for vacation, keeping in touch with contacts and friends, or just exploration, more doors and destinations open for those fluent in English.

Catapult your Career

Who should we promote? Who should go on this trip? Who should attend this meeting? Who can lead? Don’t second-guess your aptitude with this global business language.

Learn Throughout Life

Life is learning! The more you can soak in from books, film, and culture, the more you learn and are prepared for the cultural interations that make up life. When accessing the best works, language is key.

Write Well

At Ivy Education, students practice expressing themselves through written works as well as by speaking. Whether it is exam papers, travel journals, or argument essays, write persuasively and accurately in English.

Advance Academically

Whether it is for high school, college, or graduate school, Ivy’s “English Only” courses empower students to understand lectures, complete assignments, excel on tests, and express themselves in an academic environment.

Speak Successfully

Ivy Education encourages real-time discussion around interesting, meaningful topics to motivate students to share their ideas. Students insist on expressing themselves. 


Why Learn With Us?


American teacher


Interesting curriculum


90-minute classes


Small group class

No more than 6 students


What Our Students Say

Barry | Former Student

My courses had the perfect mix of fun and education. Each course was efficient and effective in its very own way. Learning here was a truly enjoyable experience – I wasn’t only taught to read or write, but also to seek the gist of the language, which later on proved to be a most powerful tool for me to progress at a steady rate.

Louis | Former Student

I believe the course that I took with my teacher since childhood has provided a language learning environment not unlike that of a native speaker. Through this mixture of reading and games, I have grown to become bilingual, capable of distinguishing nuances in the English language. Overall I would undoubtedly recall this experience with fondness.


Frequently Asked

Who will be in my class?

Students are matched to courses based on both age and ability.

Who will be the teacher?

It will be a stable, native speaker who has been with us for at least one term or who has at least a one-term contract. Most of our teachers are full-time American teachers with 2+ years teaching experience (some have 20+ years experience!).

What if I need a refund?

You can refund any courses at a future date from within 1 week in advance of your refund request date. Your refund will be processed within a month, often within a couple days.  Please note you will be responsible for transaction fees.